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Governors Mansion

Governors Mansion Tea Estate Bungalow

Guests can experience a relaxing holiday in tranquility, where paneled walls, old yet gleaming wooden floors and attractive fireplaces bring to life the grandiosity of the past. Preserving the opulence & warmth of the Mansion’s origins, the exclusive suites and grand settings have been renovated keeping the uniqueness of an luxury English mansion, where original antiques and brass ware set on display pay tribute to its historical value.

The white garden chairs on the immaculately maintained lawn, overlooking the expanse of the tea estate running into the mist covered mountains, sets place to sip Ceylon tea in pleasant company. One can read a book on the wooden chair, set romantically under a secluded canopy, with the sounds of chirping birds and the stream nearby. From the terraced garden, the fishing pond or through the bay windows of the mansion, the much revered Adam’s Peak can be viewed on a day with a clear blue sky. While as the sun sets beyond the mountain ranges, the sky comes alive with different strokes of warm colour.

Though tastefully old fashioned, the Mansion offers modern Board games, Badminton, Karaoke, Satellite TV and Internet