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Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues

Travelling around the cultural triangle and beyond one will witness some colossal Buddha statues. The Avukana Buddha Statue, a 5th century masterpiece attributed to King Dhatusena is the most visited and famed of them all. It is found situated southeast of Anuradhapura and stands 40 ft. (12m) in height, carved out of a large granite rock. Another fascinating rock figurine is the Buduruwagala Rock Sculptures, dating back to the 10th century comprising seven gigantic figures with the main figure of the Buddha standing 51 ft. in height, found etched on a rock face. At Maligawila the 7th century standing Buddha statue carved out from a single stone stands at 34 ft. in height and 10 ft. across the shoulders while the Dambulla Cave Temple displays an enormous figure of the recumbent Buddha, 14 meters long carved out of solid rock.

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